Defining Web Applications Purpose, Goals and Direction

There are many people who can write code and have opinions about the design and variation of the site, but few have the array of talent and tools needed to create a Web site that helps an organizations to achieve its goals.

Phases of the Web Process

  • Project Definition
  • Project Scope
  • Wireframes and Site Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Site Development
  • Site Testing
  • Soft Launch
  • Launch

Potential web design clients may be new to understanding how the website design process works. Educating clients on Our web design process is a great chance to demonstrate your expertise, credibility, and authority in providing websites that get results and achive goals.

Quality web design is much more than building a website, and having a step-by-step approach to web design projects shows all the work and skill involved in developing a successful online presence. Maybe you have never thought about your approach to the web design process in these terms, but maybe the outline in this post can help shape your own.

70%+ of the work involved in a successful web designing project is even before you start the actual designing part. The decisions that you take at the outset of the project forms the basis for all future references.

Skill Set We Have used for designing:

  • HTML
  • Notepad++
  • Photoshop
  • CSS
  • JQuery

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