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Search Engine Optimization and Digital marketing.

Google algorithm plays a crucial role to rank a website in Google search engine, 95% traffic comes from Google search engine, most of the prominent website struggle to be on the first page of the Google, initially it happened with different calculation but afterward Google formed an algorithm, and every website has to comply with the Google algorithm to be in the search engine result and ranked according to the search result.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an vital role to help website to be ranked in Google search engine result, globally people are turning into digital world Smartphone, tablets and laptops are the commons device people use for everyday use and modern day advertisement is different from traditional ad, digital marketing and digital media slowly replacing the conventional mode of marketing which use to be appear in Television and newspaper, now a days if we want to know the best restaurant in town, Google review or online review is the best way to know about the restaurant because it's reviewed by the people who have actually visited the restaurant and write their personal experience according to taste, service, and quality of the food.

Why Search Engine Optimization or Digital marketing is essential?

Digital marketing is gaining momentum day by day, and traditional marketing is an expensive affair and reach also a big question mark because targeted audience is not possible in traditional marketing, digital marketing is not costly as conventional marketing and reachability is also very high compared to traditional marketing and can filter the target audience according to age, sex, habit and location wise which is not possible all in conventional marketing.

Building and launching a website is not enough to get the targeted traffic and audience, and the website should be built according to Google parameters and structure of the website should be complying with the Google guideline. Purpose of the SEO is to be in search engine and to reach the targeted audience to increase the sales or to generate leads; SEO ensures that the website found in the Google search engine quickly and rank higher in term of search made by the user in the Google.

Why Webadham Solutions ?

Webadham has highly motivated and experience team for SEO / SMM / Digital marketing, our team delivering very highly and cost effective solution for SEO and digital marketing, we take initiate to understand the business area, targeted audience, geographic location and understanding the product and services of the business of the client design a very cost effecting and budget oriented marketing plan to achieve the goal of the our customer, we use top tools SEMrush, Ahrefs to keep our customer one step ahead of their competitors so that they can achieve goals in stipulated time with highly cost effective manner.

We ensure our team delivers satisfactory result to our customer time to time and our step by step process to achieve the desired result; our focused is also on design and compatibility of the website with all mode of devise and time to time monitoring it to make a great user experience and smooth run of the website to achieve the desired goal.

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