Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click is one of the popular way of marketing in Internet and growing rapidly, the Pay Per Click marketing campaign allows owners to place their product or service in the right target area within their budget and geographical targeting depending on the keyword chosen, it one of the quickest way to position on the search result and visibility is very high and reaches to the target user.

What is PPC?


PPC stands for Pay Per Click which means every time the ads clicked we have to pay small amount of fees to the search engine where the ads get clicked depend on the bids we placed for the ad, Its basically inorganic way to pull traffic to your website to generate sales or leads of the products or the services you are selling, every time the ads get clicked it sends visitors to the website its pointing.

Building a winning PPC campaign needs lots of research and selecting the right keyword for the campaign and constructing those keywords into a well organized campaign and setting up the right landing page for maximum conversion is a crucial task and its leads to satisfying the customer and generates higher profits for the campaigns.

Why Webadham Solutions?

Webadham provides complete solution for PPC and it is one of the fastest growing markets in India. The top PPC search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing and Google has the maximum share in this PPC market, it is believed that 65% people has said that they made purchases by clicking PPC ads and 53% are of mobile users and rest are from different operating system. Designing a perfect landing page is one of the crucial factors and most of the people responded in one survey if the page took more than 3 sec to open they abandoned the page and move to some other search, Webadham Solution has the expertise in designing the landing page for PPC campaigns and our experienced and dedicated team has years of experience in designing and planning effective campaigns for PPC for our clients.

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